Big News in Sleepy Dumbo: We’re Getting a Stop Light!

08/23/2010 1:38 PM |

68 Jay Street

The bustling intersection of Jay and York Streets (pictured, yesterday), is getting Dumbo’s first, working, traffic-regulating traffic light! This is big news in our sleepy corner of Brooklyn, where the end of Jay Street floods during heavy rains such as these, and robbers storm banks for pocket change. Neighborhood blog extraordinaire DumboNYC an barely contain its excitement at the prospect of bright, flickering lights: “We’re no city planners, but with the increased number of pedestrians in the area, the lights should help avoid any accidents…in theory.” Well, in any event…This is the intersection where the F train York Street stop exit/entrance is, and cars, trucks, pedestrians and (ahem) cyclists cruise through the stop sign more or less brazenly. The lights should help with that, assuming they don’t get taken out by a sixteen-wheeler rolling over the curb to make a turn, or bandits on horseback. We have plenty of those.