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08/17/2010 2:57 PM |

What James Franco Did Today

The hilarious team of writers who report on the dizzying array of daily activities undertaken by one James Franco on the blog What James Franco Did Today are nearly as deftly chameleon-like in their ability to shift between esoteric topics and disparate areas of interest as their subject, the great James Franco. For instance, on July 23rd:

In a hot-sauce smeared afternoon, Franco chewed through the competition in Lakewood New Jersey’s Wing Fling eating contest — downing a stomach-turning 48 buffalo wings in 5 minutes.

And it goes on.

After being crowned 2010 King of the Wing by local celeb judges, a bloated Franco admitted he’d spent months training in Japan, perfecting the signature water-dunking technique that secured his victory over last year’s champion Bob Vance of Bob Vance’s Fine Used Autos. He hopes to use his title as King of the Wing as a springboard to a starring role in a biopic about International Federation of Competitive Eaters’ star Takeru Kobayashi

Also on Franco’s busy schedule: ballet, horse-riding, doing impromptu Shakespeare in the park, and appearing on a Spanish-language soap opera. Enough to whet our appetites for the forthcoming Franco-starring Kobayashi biopic that must, just must, actually get made. (TheDailyWhat)

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