Brooklyn Bike Wars Heating Up: Asshole Vigilante Bike-Hater Gluing Locks on Bedford!

08/10/2010 9:39 AM |

Williamsburg bikes

The Brooklyn Paper refuses to spill the beans on an anonymous glue-happy wingnut in Williamsburg (they promised to conceal his identity for the story, dubbing him “Crusader Krazy”) who has promised to expand his bike lock-gluing raids along Bedford Avenue in the days ahead. That he’s mad about the number of bikes locked up to every pole along Williamsburg’s main drag and certain adjacent blocks is one thing (and understandable, though exclusively the business of the city’s Department of Sanitation).

But his claims that ““the Yuppies … have turned this beautiful neighborhood into an eyesore” as justification for his campaign to inject glue into the bike locks of neighborhood residents is completely insane—not to mention the fundamentally flawed logic by which he aims to get bikes removed by gluing them in place. Fuck you, Williamsburg bike lock glue goon! And shame on the BP for protecting the identity of a person wantonly destroying the property of others. (Brownstoner)