Brooklyn Revolts: Young Republicans ATTACK!

08/04/2010 3:30 AM |

A young band of reformers has declared a revolt against the Brooklyn Republicans and its rulers, Kings County chairman Craig Eaton and State Senator Marty Golden, the only elected Republican in the borough and thus de-facto leader. The insurgents’ beef is ideological, cultural, technological, generational—and it’s personal.

“It’s a complete schism,” says Jonathan Judge, the just-turned-24 president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans Club. “People are fed up with how this party’s been run.”

Judge has cool blue eyes and a fire-red mop of hair; his nasal voice is Brooklyn-accented and infused with practiced confidence, like a politician’s. That makes sense, as Judge ran early this year in the special election for Simcha Felder’s former council seat, though he failed to win his party’s backing. The eventual Republican candidate, Judge notes sadly, received just 1 in 40 votes.

Over iced coffee recently, Judge, a Kensington native, told me his neighborhood has “really changed,” that in the last few years it has welcomed an influx of young professionals looking for a “more bucolic setting.” He notes happily the neighborhood’s “nice cross-section of different histories and cultures.” Wait—happily? What kind of Republican is this? Asking me to meet him at a vegan-friendly juice joint in Midwood? Wearing jeans and flip-flops?

Judge’s Republicanism is more Libertarian than Evangelical, rooted in small-government principles rather than social issues. Some of the Brooklyn Young Republicans “don’t mind gay marriage,” Judge tells me. Others are obstinately pro-choice. But there’s no homogeneity on such wedge issues. What they do share is a fierce disdain for corruption—Judge is completing a make-your-own-Master’s at N.Y.U. in government corruption—and a strong belief in low taxes, used to fund only essential services: positions which could win over an impressionable public, much of which Judge sees as non-ideological.

But the Eaton-Golden leadership, he alleges, is more concerned with defending the power they’ve amassed than in broadening the party’s reach: that it’s a deal-making Bay Ridge Boys Club clinging to its corner of influence, enabling the Democratic majority. Republicans often don’t challenge Democrat-held seats, and when they do, they run weak candidates. (And, maybe, vice versa: Marty Golden has run unopposed in his last three elections.) “Democracy doesn’t exist without choice,” Judge says.

Eaton denies these charges—”I’m really not worried about anyone’s power”—particularly the deal making. “Those deals took place 20 years ago,” he tells me. No deals exist now; none have been made in the roughly three years since Eaton became chairman, he stresses.

In fact, Eaton, 50, insists there’s no party division, “notwithstanding anonymous attacks from men and women on blogs.” Indeed, much of this ballyhoo has played out on the web, particularly on the reformist blog Atlas Shrugged in Brooklyn—whose contributors use as pseudonyms the names of Ayn Rand characters—which attacks Eaton’s “Bay Ridge Cabal” almost daily.

This speaks to the party’s generational divide. County leaders have long run the party with a top-down approach, Judge tells me. You “wait your turn,” he says, his pale face flushed from either summer heat or pique. But kids today don’t want to wait their turn: they’re into grass roots movements and decentralized media—a bottom-up approach to politics. “It’s changing the dynamic,” Judge says, on a county, statewide, even national level. The Old Guard hasn’t been nearly as web-savvy as itsyounger counterparts, although Eaton tells me that through the party’s website he’s building the base and expanding the candidate pool. “They feel threatened by that,” Judge says.

Eaton doesn’t sound threatened, although reports surfaced a few weeks ago that he’s trying to shut down the Brooklyn Young Republicans club and replace it with a more simpatico counter-club. He just sounds exasperated. “I’m just trying to get candidates elected,” he tells me, irritated. And if some Republican candidates have been weak? “I’m doing the best I can with the candidates we have,” he says. “I can’t fabricate candidates.”

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  • Jonathan Judge is no reformer.

    Judge a 24 year old, still in college student is the person behind Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn a blog that has called party leaders b*******.

    Jonathan Judge denied membership to a woman in his club.

    Jonathan Judge is tied to convicted felon George Smith a man he defended even after leaders found about Smith posing as a fake cop.

    Judge is also tied to Albert Cleary a man who many believe was behind the brutal killing of Mark Fisher.

    Judge also received his community board 14 job through a Democratic City Council member.

    Judge also has only endorsed Democrats.

    Judge also has shut down the very Brooklyn Young Republican club over this party feud.

    Judge is tied to many criminals, including Arnaldo Ferraro’s son Michael who shot a cop in the face in a Bensonhurst night club years ago serving hard time.

    Jonathan Judge has never helped out any party candidates, and the majority of his small followers are either non Republicans, or anti-semites who have denied 9/11, bashed Israel, questioned people’s nationality, and have shown support for Iran.

    Jonathan Judge has let his community down, his family down, and now his party down.

  • Don’t forget Jonathan Judge is the same guy who challenged a fellow Republican’s signatures in the 44th Council District’s special election, and even used a Democrat to help him get back on the ballot kinda KOing his complaint that only party leaders make deals when he’s the one who did the same and if not worse.

    Judge himself campaigned on election day as a Republican for a Democrat which had many party leaders rightfully angry.

    Don’t forget Judge is tied to a very controversial figure named Lucretia Potter who many on this blog would not like therefore not many others like who is a 44 year old lifelong homemaker still living in her father’s home. Lucretia Potter is anti-religion, anti-family, anti-women, and anti-choice, not to mention supported an anti-Virgin Mary picture while posing with nuns in front of her church.

    Judge himself told Borough Park he was anti-gay, anti-gay marriage, and anti-abortion not exactly the views many share on this blog.

    Jonathan Judge is also known to have a huge drinking problem, and has gained a lot of weight since starting the blog atlas shrugs which has even his own family worried for him.

    Many consider Jonathan to be very criminal friendly, and that’s only the beginning.

  • Judge and the few friends he has exist only in cyberspace, and are too lazy to do the real world work necessary to create political change.

    Proof: Judge was unable to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot during the March special election. This summer, Judge collected a mere 10 — not a typo, that’s TEN — signatures for an Assembly candidate (who had collected over 100 signatures for him in his City Council race this past winter).

    Judge and his friends are cowards.

    Proof: Their blog postings are ALWAYS anonymous. They attack and personally demean people on the basis of their age (they love to create videos showing clips purporting to be their foes in retirement homes and in cemeteries), their ethnicity (attacks on Irish-Americans are common on their blog), their religion (any political foe who happens to be Catholic is dubbed a supporter of child molestation), and their personal, family hardships (they constantly attack Eaton, who created a charity to raise funds to fight the cruel and disabling genetic disorder afflicting his young son, for allowing the charity to use his law office as a mailing address).

    Judge and his few friends are total and complete hypocrites.

    Proof: Judge routinely attacks anyone who works with or for Democrats, but Judge hired two separate Democratic election law consultants/lawyers during his short-lived Council candidacy (including former Democratic Senator Marty Connor, the poster child for all that is wrong with election law chicanery designed to keep candidates off the ballot), then endorsed Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s candidate in the Council race over the remaining Republican, and Judge’s partner and website designer is currently a paid consultant on an Obama Democrat candidate for Assembly in Queens.

    No doubt the Brooklyn Republican Party could use some reform, some new blood, and some new faces. But Judge and his cronies are a cancer that would be far worse than the status quo.

  • Jonathan Judge is one of the most outspoken reformers in Brooklyn. He is standing up to the status quo do-nothing Republican leadership of Brooklyn.

  • Uh oh, the Craig Eaton Minion Fan Club has come out of the woodwork again! Anyone who reads Atlas has the real scoop on Brooklyn politics:

  • Jonathan Judge is one of the biggest frauds in Brooklyn. He has no spine, and is the example of the status quo do-nothing Republican Criminals of Brooklyn.

  • For the real scoop on Brooklyn Politics, and who Jonathan Judge and his friends really are go to

    The real reformers, and real Republicans.

  • Uh oh, the Jonathan Judge Minion Fan Club has come out of the woodwork again! Anyone who reads the jig has the real scoop on Brooklyn politics:

  • Jonathan Judge is standing up to the do-nothing Republican leadership of Brooklyn. If not for the Brooklyn Young Republicans the Republican party in Brooklyn is dead.

  • Jonathan Judge is a gopher for the do-nothing low-level mobster, assorted criminal Republican leadership in the 49th Assembly District. The Brooklyn Young Republicans don’t meet anymore because Jonathan took his ball and went home all because he couldn’t hang up his lousy banner at county events, what a big, spoiled, lightly buzzed baby.

  • I thought Jonathan Judge was the kind of dedicated reformer we needed to rebuild the Republican Party in Brooklyn. Then I saw him hire Marty Connor, the worst kind of Democratic hack who uses the election law as a tool to destroy anti-machine candidates. Then Judge endorsed and campaigned for the City Council candidate who was handpicked by Sheldon Silver. Eaton may be a tool, but Jonathan is just dangerous, because he pretends to be a reformer while hiding a far darker truth about who and what he really is.

  • I always wondered how a 23-year old self-described “Republican reformer” like Jonathan got a $40,000/yr patronage job with his local Democrat-controlled Community Board. The fact that ace Democrat election lawyer Marty Connor returned his phone call — let alone represented him in court without being paid in advance — suggests that there is a lot more to this story than Jonathan claims.

  • I also heard he used his club funds what little there are left to help pay his debt to Marty Connor.

  • Hey isn’t one of Jonathan Judge’s good friends George Smith (who served prison time for robbery & grand larceny while impersonating a police officer, and who is currently out on bail for sexual assault) a political ally of Jonathan Judge (You know the guy who is a Young Republican officer who hides his Democratic patronage job with the local Community Board, and attacks Republicans to curry favor with his Dem friends.)


  • These comments just prove the fear in the status-quo GOP leadership of Kings County. False allegations followed by more false allegations! The young, upholding truth, shall prevail.

  • I guess Jonathan is getting a bit nervous here as we are seeing who he really is.

    Let me remind some people a little bit more just who is Jonathan Judge’s good buddy George Smith.

    In 1995, him and the two thugs he was with were responsible for what was branded a

  • Eaton & Golden are far from ideal political leaders. But they are George Washington and Thomas Jefferson compared to Jonathan Judge and his vile crew.

  • If it weren’t for Google Alerts there would be no comments on this post. Anytime someone comes out making critical comments about the old guard of the Brooklyn GOP, their henchman suddenly appear as if summoned by the Bat Signal and start posting (or should I say cut & pasting) the same old tired propaganda. The same comments they leave everywhere on every other blog. Whats sad is these hatchetmen are actually on the GOP payroll – hired to do their dirty work & damage kontrol – specifically on blogs and posts such as these. It’s obvious the Brooklyn GOP old guard is crumbling and they are getting desparate. They are out of touch and tone deaf – too busy trying to smother critics to actually farm some new candidates and breathe life into an ailing, dysfunctional and infested party.

  • Jonathan’s remaining friend or two get real cranky when someone calls them on their nonsense. They never address the serious allegations about Mr. Judge and his sordid relationship with the local Democratic Party, his patronage job, or his use of an anonymous political blog to regularly attack people’s wives and children, the disabled, senior citizens, Irish-Americans, Catholics, and anyone who disagrees with them. Instead, they lash out at everyone and yell conspiracy.

  • Look, Craig – and I refuse to play games and address you as “Suzanne Romanoff” because we all know you are Craig Eaton posting under a pseudonym but – YOU are the reason you have such a fractious party on your hands. You talk about recruiting new leaders and “politics is not a spectator sport” but you and your lackeys do everything in your power to smother and smear any sign of new life in the party. You should be sitting down with these young minds and planning the future of your party not extinguishing them like an uncontrollable grease fire. What are you hiding? Why are you so afraid of new voices? You should be happy these people are stepping up. Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that what your “politics is not a spectator sport” is all about? Talk about lashing out – that’s YOU and your posse. That’s Gerry O’Brien. That’s Jeff Kraus, Jerry Kassar, Russell Gallo, Phyllis Carbo and Stephen Maresca. It’s not just a few people, Craig. EVERYONE knows it. The cracks in the foundation are showing. It’s not a secret anymore. And to be honest, it’s a goddamn embarrassment!

  • Amazing how angry Jonathan and his few remaining friends get when someone brings up the inconvenient truths about his patronage job at the local community board, or their nasty personal attacks on seniors citizens, Catholics, children with genetic diseases, etc. And while I am most certainly not Mr. Eaton, I think it’s hysterical that Jonathan and his Atlas crew are so quick to accuse others of posting under pseudonyms. They have made a cottage industry out of vile, anonymous internet attacks — and they have done so because they are cowards.

  • But Mr. Eaton, I have no idea what you are talking about. I am not an expert on Mr. Judge. I know nothing about these “personal attacks on seniors citizens, Catholics, children with genetic diseases” you speak of. Look, Mr. Chairman, you must realize that simply allowing these blogs to continue is no different than you coming out and personally endorsing them! You looking the other way is the same as you giving them your seal of approval! Mr. Eaton, we all know you are “behind” The Jig Is Up Atlas and the others. You may not physically update the blogs yourself, but you ALLOW them to exist on your watch – you are the puppeteer. You have others do your dirty work while you monitor it all from your ivory tower. As Chairman, you should be welcoming Mr. Judge with open arms into your party! He, and people like him, are the future of YOUR party. You and Senator Golden are not getting any younger; do you even care about the future of the Brooklyn GOP? I worry you are only concerned with the here and now and your own self-preservation – not to mention Senator Golden’s job security. A true Kings County Republican Chairman would be recruiting new blood – attracting, screening, and selecting qualified young candidates. Instead you seem to be hunting for prey amongst your own. The cannibalization of the Kings County GOP on your watch is absolutely obscene. It’s a disgrace. And this is coming from a felow Republican!!!!!!

  • Tip, I’m not Eaton. And once again, you guys start making snide remarks about people’s age at the drop of a hat. Perhaps you don’t realize how offensive you are. But the voters do, and we all look forward to next year’s Republican primaries. I’m sure people will be curious as to how the head of a Young Republican club got such a sweet patronage job with the local Democrat community board.

  • The Conspirators:
    Ms. Phyllis Carbo
    Mr. Russell Gallo
    Mr. Gerry Kassar
    Mr. Jeffrey Kraus
    Mr. Stephen Maresca
    Mr. Gerry O’Brien

    The Reformers:
    Mr. Roy Antoun
    Mr. Arnaldo Ferraro
    Mr. Jonathan Judge
    Mr. James McCall
    Ms. Lucretia Potter

  • Is it true that Jonathan hired former Democratic Senator/election lawyer Martin Connor?

    Connor wrote the book on using frivolous election law challenges to keep reform candidates off the ballot. He is the insider’s insider. I’ve never heard of him representing a Republican client. He certainly doesn’t work for reformers.

    Jonathan must have some powerful connections in the Democratic party to get Martin Connor in his corner.

    That might also explain Judge’s job at the planning board. Those boards are among the last bastions of old time Democratic machine patronage in the outer boroughs. You don’t get a job working there by taking a civil service test. Especially if you’re a reformer — and the president of a Young Republican club.

  • Yes, Jonathan Judge hired Marty Connor as his second election lawyer. His other election lawyer was a no-name Brooklyn Democrat.

    When both of these Democrats were unable to restore Jonathan to the ballot in the March City Council race, Judge endorsed and campaigned for Democratic candidate Joe Lazar, who was described as “Sheldon Silver’s handpicked candidate in the special election.”

    After Lazar lost, Judge reclaimed his lucrative patronage job at the Democrat-controlled Community Board 14. Soon after, Jonathan began attacking Republicans again on his own blog, and the cowardly Atlas Shrugs blog he controls.

    No one knows how a ‘Republican’ at such a young age — I think he just turned 24 — managed to get so well connected to powerhouse Democratic operatives like Marty Connor, Joe Lazar, or his boss at CB 14, Alvin Burke.

    It is abundantly clear that certain powerful Democrats have been protecting and guiding young Mr. Judge’s political career for some time.

    It is equally clear that Judge is far from what any of us would call a reformer.

    The real question is: what long-term political goal do these powerful Democrats have in mind for Jonathan?

  • Interesting enough, however, it seems Mr. Judge is simply following in the footsteps of his proud forefathers in the Kings County GOP who have been making backroom deals with the Democrats for years. Talk about the old pots calling the new kettles black!

  • I’m glad you admit that Jonathan has some kind of hidden relationship with leaders in the Brooklyn Democratic Party. At least you’re honest. I can respect you, even if we don’t necessarily agree on most things.

  • You know Jonathan Judge isn’t he the same guy who also pals around with Albert Cleary who was involved in the Mark Fisher death?

    That was pretty gruesome stuff wasn’t that?

    Didn’t Albert Cleary’s Mother, Susan stone wall the DA in key evidence in that case?

    Didn’t Albert’s Mother give Judge hundreds of dollars for his failed attempt to run for city council?

    Didn’t she also collect hundreds signatures for him?

    She sure did..

    This guy took the help of a family who has “Blood” on there hands while another man sits in jail for something he likely didn’t do.

    Jonathan Judge is also from that same neighborhood where the Mark Fisher incident took place, he’s the same age as all those who were at that party, I wonder what he knows about that night since his club has had several events at that infamous Cleary house.

    Jonathan Judge, Democratic Patronage hack, linked to a heinous death among other things.

    To be continued.

  • Right, and you’ve just admitted the same. Enjoy.

  • Jonathan Judge is certainly no reformer, isn’t his partner who runs Atlas Shrugs also on the payroll of an Obama Democrat running for State Assembly in Queens, and isn’t Judge’s other partner on Atlas Shrugs a guy who works for a state government blog, while at the same time the communications director for the Democratic opponent against Senator Marty Golden who coincidentally hasn’t gotten positive articles written about him on Atlas Shrugs?

    I sure think so…

  • The Phonies of Reform: (Some of these names have been hacks longer than Jonathan has been alive!!)
    Roy Antoun
    Arnaldo Ferraro
    Jonathan Judge
    James McCall
    Lucretia Potter
    Glenn Nocera
    Mike Harris
    Ms. Lucretia Potter

  • Don’t forget Fred Martorell.

  • There’s two sides to every story. You hate them for a reason and they hate you for a reason. Why should we believe YOUR side over theirs? There is obviously an incredible amount of dysfunction within your party.

  • But there aren’t two sides to the truth.

    This whole controversry started when Judge began an ongoing series of hateful attacks using the Atlas blog. The attacks stemmed from the fact that party leaders Eaton and Golden didn’t kneel before a 23 year old with a history of laziness when it comes to political work.

    Jonathan acts as if he is entitled to political leadership, but like the recent petition effort for his friend and ally Lucretia, Jonathan isn’t willing to do the hard work necessary. Hardcore GOP activists routinely collect 100 or more signatures each petition cycle. This summer, one Staten Island Republican personally collected over 1,000 signatures. During the same cycle, Jonathan collected TEN signatures.

    Hard work is the essential ingredient to success in any field. Why should anyone respect or follow Jonathan when he is unwilling to walk the walk?

  • Regardless of the origins, two wrongs do not make a right. That adage still holds true. Even if Mr. Judge fired the opening salvo, you represent the Kings County GOP and under your watchful eye these counter-blogs have made a mockery of people’s reputations; innocent, tax paying citizens in addition to tax paying citizens who want to become involved in politics. It is one thing for a citizen to express his or her right to freedom of speech, but for you to retaliate on behalf of GOP brass is, was and remains completely unprofessional and shameful. Everyone knows the GOP has “okayed” these retaliative “hate” blogs. If what you say is true or you believe to be true, you are in the wrong for stooping to Mr. Judge’s level and playing in the mud. I am sorry but the GOP should be held to a higher standard than anonymous defamation and libel based on hearsay. It’s a shame. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves, truly. Choice is what makes democracy great. You are obviously anti-choice in many ways – not just when it comes to women’s rights. The GOP should respect its origins (that of the anti-slavery expansion activists back in 1854) and welcome challenge and choice with open arms and without relying on slander and smear campaigns. It is very unfortunate what it has come to.

  • Regardless of the origins, Mike Harris, Jonathan Judge started this, and this all is his fault. Mr. Judge is crying foul now because he’s been called correctly on his smear campaign. Don’t forget Mr. Judge started this first, and he’s the one who denied citizens to express there opinions by deleting comments, and tracking IP address’s to try and expose those who disagreed with his twisted opinion. Jonathan’s blog is the one that degraded Women, promoted Democrats, bashed our leader for trying to help his son like any good father would, and supported anti-religious sentiments. Everyone knows Jonathan Judge started the hate blogs, because that’s what we wanted to do. Mr. Judge’s has no one but himself to blame for making his own bed. I am sorry but Mr. Judge started anonymous defamation and libel based on hearsay. It’s a shame for such a young kid to get wrapped up with the wrong crowd. He should be ashamed of himself, truly. Choice is what makes democracy great, and Jonathan denied that on his own blog. Mike Harris your pal Jonathan Judge is obviously anti-choice in many ways – not just when it comes to women’s rights which we know he already denied that simple right. Mr. Judge and his partners should welcome be called out on his failures with open arms and without relying on slander and smear campaigns. It is very unfortunate for him it has come to this.

  • Tipper, your bias is blinding. Jonathan accuses anyone who disagrees with him of being an agent of the GOP establishment, and you automatically buy into it and scold them for it. Waiting to hear you scold Mr. Judge for his cruel, vindictive blogging. Or his hypocritical relationship with the Democratic Party.

  • I have never met Mr. Judge and I know very little about the man except that he is young and eager to be involved in politics; Republican politics no less, which these days is rare. Seems like Mr. Judge may needs role models, not rivals. Furthermore, I cannot condemn Mr. Judge for his “hypocritical relationship with the Democratic Party” because, frankly, I know nothing about it. Show me some proof and I will be unbiased. However, I can confidently condemn elected GOP officials such as Senator Golden for his notorious collusion with the Democrats in our neck of the woods. Do you remember the anti-drug PSA from back in the day “I learned it from watching you”? Well, it seems as if Mr. Judge is simply emulating his idols. You all wrote the book; you can’t blame Mr. Judge for reading it! The religion thing comes up a whole lot with you folks. I happen to be an atheist and a Republican. Yes, they exist. I may be at odds with my faith but I keep my chocolate out of my peanut butter; my religion out of my politics. So, trying to rile me up about some supposed “anti-religious” sentiment is a lost cause. Frankly, I just do not care. However, I do care about degrading women and find it appalling. Please show me a link to these statements by Mr. Judge. I take NO sides here. I am merely a tax paying voting registered “prime” Republican living in the 46th district. I am just trying to make some sense of all of this nonsense.

  • It looks like Mr. Judge’s partner in hate, the anti-semite, anti-American, Pro-Iran, 9/11 denier, and anti-Republican Roy Antoun is in the house.

    “I am merely a tax paying voting registered “prime” Republican living in the 46th district.”

    I don’t think living at home, and not working counts as a tax-payer sorry Roy.

    However, aren’t you the guy who admitted to smoking a pipe, and called your district leader in the 46th district a b****.

    I think so.

    By the way how’s that “Obama Democrat” of yours in Queens, Okenfe doing these days.

  • Tip, your comment about being a “prime Republican living in the 46th district” gave it away.

    No one but an active political operative would know what a “prime” Republican is, let alone admit to being one. And few people have any idea what Assembly District they reside in. Your knowledge of both, combined with your unwillingness to condemn Judge and your speed in condemning Golden, makes it clear you are one of his Jonathan’s shills.

    Still claiming to be an unbiased civilian? Want proof about Judge’s hypocrisy? Jonathan has repeatedly attacked others for making deals with the Democrats, while he a) benefits from a patronage job through his local Democratic Party, b) hired two separate Democratic political consultants as his election lawyers, and c) ultimately endorsed Sheldon Silver’s handpicked candidate, a Democrat, in the City Council race after Judge was removed from the ballot.

    Jonathan Judge is an arrogant young man on an ego trip. He is not a reformer.

  • You guys must be awful poker players. You show all your cards and don’t even realize it! Shows how little you all know and what you truly think of your fellow Republican constituents! I beg your pardon, I am indeed a civilian. I am not a “political operative”. I know a thing or two about politics and I read the papers, but I am far from an “insider” and have no connection to Mr. Judge. You folks are falling over yourselves to corral everyone and stick everyone into their appropriate category or hole. Little do you realize, us “unbiased civilians” see with our eyes open and hear everything that goes on. One need not be a “politcal operative” to identify the schism. And that is, and will be, the GOP’s downfall. When self-righteousness and complacency lead one to believe they have all their friends and enemies picked out. This is just not the case, my dear friends. You obviously think we’re all dumb and have no idea which District we live in!! Could you folks discount us anymore?! Could you possibly be any more condescending and patronizing!?! I am no one’s “shill”. I condemn Golden because I have lived in this neighborhood since 1969 and I’ve watched his dog and pony show since he was in the City Council. Herein lies the Kings County GOP’s Achilles’ heel: you do not take the voters seriously. Anyone who speaks out against the party or Golden or whomever, you instantly assume is a shill or an insider or “political operative”. Fact is, the walls have ears and the streets have eyes and we’re all looking at our watches waiting for your downfall.

  • No your the awful poker player.

    No You show all your cards and don’t even realize it! Shows how little you all know and No what you truly think about your Republican constituents, than again your not really Republican!

    No I beg your pardon, I am indeed a civilian I know a thing or two about politics and I know your an “insider” who has a connection to Mr. Judge. It’s Judge and his folks who are falling over yourselves to corral everyone and stick everyone into their appropriate category or hole. No little do you realize, the “unbiased civilians” see with there eyes open and hear everything that goes on. One need not be a “politcal operative” to identify the schism. And that has been Jonathan Judge and his partner’s downfalls.

    No for you self-righteousness and complacency lead one to believe they have all their friends and enemies picked out. This is the case, my not so dear friend.

    No you obviously think we’re all dumb and have no idea which District we live in!!

    No could you folks discount us anymore?! No could you possibly be any more condescending and patronizing!?! You are Jonathan’s “shill”.

    You condemn Golden because Jonathan says so and by the way I’ve watched Jonathan’s dog and pony show since he was a volunteer on Community Board 14 under Alvin Berke. Herein lies Judge’s Achilles’ heel, by the way isn’t achilles an Atlas Shrugs line, nice try dumbass:

    No you do not take the voters seriously. Anyone who speaks out against Judge for denying women the right to vote, or hanging around George Smith, or taking his ball and going home or whomever, you instantly bash those who correctly call Judge out for his anonymous “attacks”.

    Fact is, the walls have ears and the streets have eyes and we’re all looking at our watches and we have already seen the beginning of Jonathan’s downfall.

  • You are a very confused person. I have no idea what you are talking about. Take care.

  • Tip, all your outrage seems directed at whomever Jonathan Judge tells you to hate.

  • With all due respect, Mr. Eaton: I am a 41 year old man. I am nobody’s “shill” and no one is telling me whom to “hate”. My outrage stems from taking a macro view of the Kings County Republican Party and it’s dysfunction. Face value: why would the Kings County GOP be AT ODDS with its young, hungry, potential leaders of the future? Why would you, Mr. Chairman, be so vindictive against a gentleman you allude to time and time again as just a boy? It would seem you have something to hide. Do the New York Yankees not look to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees for up and coming, young, fresh talent? We must work with what we have; the hand we’ve been dealt. The Kings County GOP should provide guidance and leadership to the Brooklyn Young Republicans. I would suppose at one time these Young Republicans looked up to you, Mr. Chairman. And today, there is rampant dysfunction and anonymous libel abound. What went wrong? Where was the disconnect? I feel it’s time to return to the crash site and pick up the pieces. Kings County is notoriously Democratic. That is no secret. The Republican party in NYC has been hobbling along for years. Now is NOT the time for infighting and rivalry. Now is the time to bury hatchets and work together. We should be fighting against the Dems, not against each other like crazed cannibals. That is all.

  • OK, so then in your opinion how did this all start?

  • Didn’t Lucretia get like a 100 for Judge during that special election, someway to return the favor…

  • How did it start?

    Young Mr. Judge was too lazy to join a local political club, roll up his sleeves and do the kind of honest work that generations of political activists have used to learn grassroots politics, get experience, and move through political life.

    Instead, he took shortcuts. Young Republicans have always been more focused on social events than real political campaigning, and Jonathan quickly became Brooklyn YR President.

    At first, Jonathan he used his Young Republican website blog to poach email addresses from unsuspecting Republicans. He would write about an upcoming Republican event somewhere in NYC, then ask readers to RSVP to him if they would be attending. To the casual reader, it seemed as if Jonathan and his YRS were sponsoring or running the events in question. A clever scam. He never actually claimed to have anything to do with these political events … but if people wanted to assume so, all the better for Jonathan.

    When the political establishment began to catch on, and asked Jonathan to clean up his act, he lashed out.

    He and his friends started a blog and used to it anonymously attack, attack, attack. Why work and toil and sweat to knock on hundreds of doors to get petition signatures when you can blog and comment from the comfort of your bedroom?

    The problem for Jonathan is that he thinks what he is doing is activism. It is not. It is closer to masturbation than anything else.

  • Thank you, Mr. Eaton. That did most certainly clear some things up for me and I *do* now understand your side of the story and where all the infighting stemmed from. I can most definitely appreciate hard work; for it there is no substitute. You will never succeed in idealizing hard work. Expecting success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted seeds. I can relate. And I can understand why there would be resentment when you and your staff have years under your belt – perhaps not as Republicans, but at least in politics. That said, the “I learned it from watching you” thing comes into play yet again here. Mr. Judge and his crafty scheme of applying his name to events he had nothing to do with was originated by a lot of your people, namely Senator Golden. With all due respect, in addition to drafting bills to honor local residents, ensuring their election-time support, Senator Golden has never shied away from a photo-op, a chance to make a cameo or a handshake to insinuate not only his endorsement but responsibility and glory. So I will refrain from saying “you guys” wrote the book on that sort of thing but, its close. Thank you.

  • Thank You Mike Harris for revealing your hand, you are such a bad poker player, you must have learned that from trying to shake down the MTA. This does most certainly clear some things up for me and, I can most appreciate your hard work of posting these comments while on the job for it there is no substitute. Expecting success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted seeds. I know you can’t relate since you really don’t do that for your real job. I know why there is such resentment when you and your friend Jonathan have very few years under your belts politically – not as Republicans, and certainly not in politics the Brooklyn College Student Body doesn’t count. That said, Mr. Judge and his crafty scheme of applying his name to events had many to do with trying to give himself credit for something he didn’t do. With all due respect, Mike Harris actually I have no respect for you at all since you basically quoted your own blog you fool since your the one who has never shied away from a photo-op, a chance to make a cameo or a handshake to insinuate not only using your own advocacy group for it’s purposes but for your own gain, kinda like what you have been trying to do with that blog of yours for your candidate responsibility. But don’t worry I won’t refrain from continuing to attack you, and exposing you. Stay tuned fool the best is yet to come.

  • My name is not Mike Harris. And I have no clue what you are talking about.

  • Responding so quick there Mikey.

  • Andy Warhol said it best. The Bat Signal is out for the Golden Calf worshipers. Sound the alarm!

    I must say, not all Republicans are thuggish, illiterate liars, but the Bay Ridge Cabal continues to cast doubt on that fact with every keystroke they type.

    As for GOP blogging, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn was the pioneer reform blog in Brooklyn that has dominated the debate and demonstrated complete willingness to hold the establishment and their minions to account. Any other blogs out there are sniper scope pieces targeting people based on ludicrous accusations while promoting hate and intolerance.

    The truth is getting out there about the GOP leadership, and it’s scaring them.

  • Andy Warhol said it best. The Bat Signal is out for the Judge freaks, sound the alarm, they just came out of there Mom’s basements to pound keyboard!

    I must say, not all Republicans are thuggish, illiterate liars, but the Bensonhurst Cabal and George Smith’s “Lightly Buzzed” pal continues to cast doubt on that fact with every keystroke they type.

    As for GOP blogging, The Jig is Up Atlas is the pioneer reform blog in Brooklyn that has dominated the debate and demonstrated complete willingness to hold the rodents, and the assorted criminals who run the once great 49th Assembly District into the ground to account. Any other blogs out there are sniper scope pieces targeting people while promoting hate and intolerance.

    The truth is getting out there about Jonathan Judge, Mike Harris, Roy Antoun, Lucretia Potter, Glenn Nocera, Jim McCall, The Bennent’s, Arnaldo Ferraro did I leave any out the list is so long and it has scared them big time.

  • I wonder what Stephen

  • I know what Roy

  • Hey Roy Antoun has gone off the wall here, he must be going bonkers without his pipe, maybe he can get the money from a Mike Harris shakedown of the MTA if you know what I mean.

  • 1. Jonathan’s minions never, ever address his secret relationship with Democratic powerbrokers like former Dem Senator Marty Connor, his patronage job at the local Dem community board, or his endorsement of Shelly Silver’s Dem candidate Joe Lazar.

    2. They do, however, usually respond with a kneejerk attack on seniors, Irish-Americans, or Catholics. See Glen’s comment about Gerritsen Beach above.

  • The sheer number of comments from hateful GOP minions demonstrate just how much of an existential threat Judge is to the establishment.

  • The sheer number of comments by Judge’s minions dodging his own shady ties especially with that patronage job of his demonstrate just how pathetic Judge is, and his ties to Democrats like Mike Harris, Marty Connor, and Shelly Silver are loud and clear.

  • That Jonathan’s minions consider him a threat to the GOP is really funny.

    Jonathan and the cult that worships him exists only in cyberspace. They have proven time and again that they do not exist in the the real, physical world because they are too lazy and withdrawn from society to take part in an actual political campaign.

    Rant on, minions. Your blogging and comments have the weight and substance of nothingness.

  • Sir Eaton Hogg, you have a beautiful wife, three gorgeous kids, and live in one of those nice houses with a yard. You could have spent the rest of your days on the links with Fossella and Capano. Instead, you chose to take on the one job in Brooklyn where you are simultaneously ignored and hated. Democrats outnumber Republicans like cars outnumber ten speeds on the Gowanus. Outside of Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, Republicans appear as some kind of alien beings, with Bay Ridge Manor as their home planet. So, let

  • Hey it’s Jonathan Judge’s good friend from Brooklyn College resident shakedown artist Mike Harris, I guess he’s off the job today, but actually he’s on the job.

    Madame Harris, you are one of the biggest scam artists around, and live with Mommy and Daddy while posting on the blogs. You could have spent the rest of your days in Kellner’s office. Instead, you chose to take on the one job in Brooklyn where you are simultaneously looked at as an ignoramus, and an idiot. Well just that time of day for you though to post. Outside of Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, thanks to your good friend Jonathan, Republicans are outnumbered, but not out-manned, however the home planet for you and Jonathan may actually be Victoria’s basement if you know what I mean. So, let