Brooklyn Street Art Star Swoon Nearly Finished First Haitian House

08/05/2010 11:01 AM |

Swoon Konbit Shelter

Back in May, street art legend Swoon unveiled a prototype for the Konbit Shelter, a cheap and sustainable structure based on a design by Nader Khalili to be built in parts of Haiti still devastated by the earthquake in January, on the Williamsburg waterfront. Now, following her progress with a team of designers and engineers including Thaddeus Pawlowski, Lauren Larken of Artistic Evolution, Inc. on the project blog, the first such shelter (pictured) in Barriere Jeudi is nearing completion. The earth bag design uses nine parts dirt, one part cement and no wood, and is stronger than cinder blocks and especially resistant in floods, which the area is certainly prone to, as evidenced by the raging river from an earlier Konbit blog entry, after the jump.

Konbit Shelter – Rescue from the Surging River from Konbit Shelter on Vimeo.