Chuck Schumer Moving to Bushwick, Forming Collective with Todd P.

08/23/2010 2:03 PM |

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  • “Can you introduce me to Angel Deradoorian?”

It’s cool, I guess, that Senator Chuck Schumer is into using his political clout to make sure the attractive youth of Williamsburg get their fair share of waterfront indie rock (hey, I live in Williamsburg and am a big fan of attractive youth and their diversions), but for my (tax) money, I’d rather he apply some of that influence to wresting back control of the actually it’s a cultural center with a prayer room two blocks away from Ground Zero “DEADLY GROUND ZERO MOSQUE” debate. Seriously, Chuck, why are you being such coward about this? You, too, Anthony? Where are the politicians with guts?

Unlike our Democrat politicians, superstar commenter gjk recently spoke quite eloquently on the subject:

I worked at WFC from 97 to 99, that’s across the street from WTC, I’d get lunch almost every day from the falafel cart across the street from the south tower, go to lunch hour book readings and concerts at the Borders that was there (got to meet Tim McCarver at a book singing), Windows on the World for drinks after work, taking visiting friends to the observation deck… In my mind this place still exists. on 9/11 I watched from a rooftop in Astoria.

I support this Islamic center/mosque or whatever people want to call it. Right after 9/11 any serious politician or person was saying how this is not about religion, how we should not blame the Muslims who are our neighbors. I remember there was talk of putting a multi-faith center at WTC site, a place where Jews Christians and Muslims could meet and pray, this was right after or within weeks of 9/11. I just don’t understand some of the arguments against, so are we now going to ban Muslims from the site? Arrest them if they dare to pray at the memorial? Put a crescent moon patch on them? That’s the logical conclusion of all this rhetoric.