City to Start Construction on Williamsburg Ferry Landing, But Will It Ever Get Used?

08/19/2010 12:20 PM |

North 6th Street getting ferry landing

Following Tuesday’s report that city and federal agencies are putting upwards of $5 million towards better ferry service along the East River, the Brooklyn Paper reveals that the Economic Development Corporation is getting in on the wet action, and about to start construction on a ferry landing at the end of North 6th Street, North Williamsburg’s condo canyon (pictured). The BP‘s Andy Campbell is quick to caution fans of waterborne public transportation: just because you build a pier doesn’t necessarily mean that ferries will come.

Tom Fox, president of the New York Water Taxi, tells them that without regular subsidies a pier is not enough to secure ferry service year-round, a problem residents of far-Southside waterfront mega-condo Schaefer Landing are all too familiar with—in the winter months, the complex’s ferry service is often suspended. North Brooklynites won’t get to ditch the L train for river cruises until early 2012 at the earliest, when construction on the $2.5 million pier is complete.