Cops (Threaten to) Come Down Hard on Billyburg Bike Lock Gluer

08/18/2010 10:57 AM |

Handcuffed bike

The bike-hating glue-happy Williamsburg vigilante who last week, in cahoots with the Brooklyn Paper, promised to continue injecting adhesives into the locks of the stagnant cycles lining Bedford Avenue, has earned the attention of angry commenters and local cops. The BP, in a follow-up story, spoke to Deputy Inspector Dennis Fulton of the 94th Precinct, which includes the section of Bedford Avenue to which the glue guy sticks. Said Fulton: “If we catch this person, he’ll be locked up for criminal mischief. I’m willing to talk to this person about it beforehand, though, so we can get this thing settled.” Presumably, right after scrawling that quotation, the reporter handed over the name of the “Bike Crusader” the BP had previously protected, and things were indeed settled. Right?