Creepy Old Writer Guy Busted for Human Trafficking, Srsly

08/03/2010 3:44 PM |


  • “Our personalities are really compatible.”

At rare clarion moments of self-honesty, as I lie awake in bed at four in the morning contemplating failure, I admit to myself the reason I became a writer was to meet and sleep with girls, plain and simple (it worked! hi honey!). But it was never supposed to be like this.

A creepy old Westchester man named Joseph Yannai was arrested today for luring unsuspecting European women to New York to be his “assistants.” Of course, as the writer of restaurant guides and books about famous chefs, it’s perfectly reasonable that Yannai asked his assistants TO WATCH HIM BATHE, and also ladies, NO BRAS.

And now he is going to jail. Good.

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