Date Set for HOPEless Shepard Fairey-AP Suit in NYC

08/24/2010 9:40 AM |

Obama HOPE poster and original

  • So fucking copyrighted, AP 2006.

Street art star and guerrilla branding guru Shepard Fairey will begin a three-week trial on March 21st at a Manhattan district court following his game of suit-countersuit with the Associated Press over an image of theirs he claimed not to have used, and then admitted he did in fact start from for his iconic HOPE poster (pictured, left) designed for the Obama presidential campaign.

The photo, of Senator Obama and George Clooney (cropped out, at right), was taken in 2006 and copyrighted by AP. Its uncredited, uncompensated use by Fairey (no matter how heavily cropped, altered and transferred into a new medium?) led the news agency cooperative to counter sue Shep. This story, incidentally, is also copyrighted by AP. Clooney, meanwhile, has been cleared of all wrong-doing related to his involvement in the photo shoot. (ArtDaily)