Herman Dune Plays Tonight at Union Pool, and They Sound Like Jens Lekman, But French

08/25/2010 4:33 PM |

That’s not entirely true, to be honest. French duo Herman Dune doesn’t sound all that much like Jens Lekman, but there are enough parallels between the two to group them in the same general indie-pop category — most notably, detailed story-songs, the ability to pull off wearing scarfs, and an endearing guilelessness that occasionally borders on cutesy. A quick study of song titles (“My Home Is Nowhere Without You,” “Try to Think About Me (Don’t You Worry a Bit”), “I Wish I Could See You Soon”), and you can get an idea for what sort of thing Herman Dune is writing about. They’ve been coming to New York to play a couple times a year, and it seems that the venues keep getting smaller. Tonight, they’re at Union Pool with the Fisherman Three and Phoebe Kreutz. Show starts at 9pm. It might help the rain go away.

I don’t understand why he’s dressed like a bear, but it’s good, nonetheless: