Introducing: The Bushwick Review

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08/19/2010 12:56 PM |


I’ve been sent a copy issue #1—fall ’09/winter ’10, so still current in ‘zine time—of the pocket-sized, black-and-white, lovingly photocopied local art and lit rag The Bushwick Review, compiling short stories, poetry, faux-blasé hipster haiku, collage, art photograhpy and photojournalism, computer- and hand-illustrated graphic fiction, and Bon Jovi concert-documentary reviews by nearly two-dozen mostly local creative and not lazy folks, many of whom seem to be quite young judging by how adorably hard they’re trying to be clever and/or whimsical in their contributor bios.

Favorite pieces, so far, include a one-page Benjamin Button riff by the ‘zine’s founder and editor, Kristen Fellicetti; a photo essay about a New Orleans construction project by an Americorps vet; and the cover photo itself, with its loft-squat glamor, all very hopefully bohemian.

You can buy it online, and, at least as of a few months ago, at St. Mark’s Bookshop, Bluestockings, Desert Island Comics, Spoonbill & Sugartown and Academy Records. It costs $5, a dollar less than a draught beer at Northeast Kingdom.