Lorin Stein Reveals Upcoming Paris Review Interviews

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08/27/2010 3:18 PM |


Fans of the Paris Review‘s Art of Fiction/Art of Poetry interview series, and its recent forays into the Arts of Nonfiction, Memoir and Comics, will note with some interest that Lorin Stein, who’s still got that “new Paris Review editor smell,” is currently guest-blogging at the Atlantic, and recently took the time to sing the praises of his interview inheritance. In his post about the Art of the Art of interview, he reveals that the upcoming Fall 2010 issue of the Paris Review will feature Art of Fiction interviews with Norman Rush and Michel Houellebecq.

Also currently in progress, to be published over the next couple years, are interviews with “Dave Eggers, Ann Beattie, Samuel Delaney [sic], Louise Erdrich—and, yes, Jonathan Franzen.” (Will the Delany interview be about his fiction or memoir or criticism or what? And will the Eggers one be “The Art of Altruistic Cross-Platform Old-Media Entrepreneurship #1” or something?) Stein also adds that the (above-linked) web archive of the Paris Review interviews will be updated and made more accessible. (The first one you should read is the Lost Interview with Leonard Michaels.)