Man Commits Suicide at a Swell Season Show in California

08/20/2010 8:58 AM |


A Swell Season show at the Mountain Winery venue in Saratoga, CA, last night ended abruptly when a man committed suicide by jumping from a three-story building onto the stage. He landed on a monitor, reportedly somewhere around three feet from the Swell Season’s Glenn Hansard, as the stunned audience watched. Ther’s been no word on the man’s identity yet. Accounts of what happened are popping up online this morning, and as you can imagine, it sounds like it was a pretty traumatic event for everyone who was there. Among the most harrowing I’ve seen:

I was there as well, sitting about seven rows back on the right side. I saw the body falling, looking very limp, but like others it took me a moment to realize what was happening. The people in the row behind us said they saw him run and jump off the roof. There was a lot of blood on the stage as they tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him. We had to wait to leave so the ambulances could get there, and everyone was standing around completely in shock, many crying. There were a lot of young kids there as well, which was heartbreaking. Until this happened, this had been a beautiful, amazing, night. It’s so sad it had to end in tragedy.

It seems like only a matter of time before footage of this pops up on YouTube, doesn’t it? Let’s hope not.