Marty Golden: Still The Worst Representative In Brooklyn

08/11/2010 3:07 PM |

I no longer live in Marty Golden’s district, and thus no longer have to suffer the personal shame of having him as a representative. But I won’t let this story go, because a lot of good people still have to live with this wretched embarrassment of a politician.

For starters: last week, the blog Bay Ridge Interpol revealed that a staggering 88 percent of Golden’s last 160 bills have been commendations or commemorations, which means the senator spends the bulk of his time in Albany drafting bills to honor local residents, ensuring their election-time support.

But where is Golden when important legislation actually surfaces in his district? Voting against it, like local congressional coward Mike McMahon? Not even. He’s hiding in the hallway. Or missing altogether.

The New York State Senate last week passed a bill that would put a temporary moratorium of the controversial method of “hydrofracking,” a process of deeprock oil-drilling in our own backyard. Where was Sen. Golden last week for this vote? “Excused“.

You might imagine Golden is tremendously busy: he’s always free for a photo op, always busy writing up legislation to honor locals in the senate… But when it comes time for a crucial vote, he skips out. If Golden can’t be around when it matters, voters shouldn’t be there for him come November. Ordinarily they wouldn’t have an alternative, but this year they will. By God they should take it.

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