Mogwai Reaches a Dead End

08/18/2010 4:00 AM |


Special Moves
(Rock Action)
Glasgow veterans Mogwai have been flirting with irrelevancy for nearly a decade and have finally had enough drinks to take the old girl home. The band recorded their last really good album, Rock Action, in 2001 and have been fretting around the margins of their grandiose instrumental style ever since. They’re still considered quite a good live band though, face-melters to the end. Special Moves, the band’s first officially recorded concert, comes in multiple deluxe formats—CD, DVD, triple vinyl, etc.—which, as moves go, is rather ordinary. An old song like the plaintive “Cody” spurs regret that their concise pop vocal experiments stalled out early. But even as a document of live ferocity and cold beauty, it’s got nothing on the BBC compilation from 2005. So, what’s the point?