New Disgusting Ad Opposing “Ground Zero Mosque” Coming Soon to a Bus Near You!

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08/10/2010 10:43 AM |


The Times reports that MTA buses will soon carry the ad above, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a meaningless jumble of words opposed to the construction of a combination Muslim place of worship/community resource center/gymnasium a couple of blocks from the former location of the World Trade Center.

The project, misleadingly labeled “The Ground Zero Mosque,” has been a target of conservative ire in recent weeks, as demagogues stir up anti-Muslim sentiment less by condemning the project itself than by decrying the implied “too raw, too real” painful memories stirred up, arrogantly, by a moderately visible Muslim presence in the vicinity of a site attacked by other Muslims. (Islam, unique among the world’s major religions, has no major interpretive or ideological distinctions differentiating its 1.6 billion adherents.)

The MTA initially refused to accept the ads, but relented under threat of a first-amendment lawsuit (remember: advertising is speech!). (Previously, another disgusting ad.) An MTA board member told the Times, “The wonderful thing about our country is that people have a right to express themselves, as long as it doesn’t endanger anyone’s life. I support [the ad], even though I disagree with it vehemently.” Because cynically exploiting public ignorance to turn the American people against a growing sector of the population—and the world—in no way foments violence of any kind? I just fucking bet. You don’t have to give parade permits to Nazi groups, either, you know.

The ad’s impact will be minimal, luckily, as the MTA barely operates any buses anymore.

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  • I Love it – it depicts the absurdity of even considering putting a mosque on that site. Three cheers to to the designer of the ad!

  • Thanks for posting the ad as well. By the way, no major differences? – “no major interpretive or ideological distinctions” ?? Is that an admission that the beliefs of the Muslims who committed the acts of 9/11 are held by all Muslims?

  • Ignorance. Christians have done some pretty awful things too… So have the Hebrews… So have idiots like yourselves. What you are supporting or suggesting is religious persecution. God ssaid all men are created equally. Think about it… The lord will not b smiling down upon you.

  • Your words, not mine. Vengeance is not the realm of people – The Lord has a claim laid upon it. The Lord does not bless those who advocate and condone mass murder. When peaceful Muslims will call out and oppose Muslims who advocate the murder of those who disagree with them, then the Lord will smile on all of us.

  • remember WTF MTA? I guess first amendment rights get pretty selective over there. Good article by Hertzberg.

  • The Lord doesn’t grant property rights either, fuckmouth. It’s a free country and they can build whatever community-approved thing they want on property they are legally permitted to use, regardless of your prejudices or delicate feelings.

  • Your strong vocabulary must be a great asset to you. We won’t remain a free country if we allow extremists to kill people, knock down other people’s property, and then build a monument to themselves.

  • And FYI- This is an organization of “peaceful” or non extreme Muslims that are trying to build this Mosque. Dumbass, Get your facts straight. US Lover… clearly not a Lover of the US. You are going against everything this country is founded upon

  • Islam “has no major interpretive or ideological distinctions” between its followers? Are you serious? While I agree that the ad is repugnant, throwing out such obviously false statements makes this look like a thoughtless attack piece.

  • @stft: Earlier I was about to reply to “Americafucker”‘s citation of the same line by saying, “You see what we’re up against? PEOPLE INCAPABLE OF RECOGNIZING SARCASM.” But I decided that it was ultimately for the best if I said nothing at all. Sorry about that.

    @gjk: It’s really all about whom you can get away with offending, isn’t it? And yeah, Rik Hertzberg, may he trenchantly articulate our frustrations throughout a thousand more crises, is in good form on this one.

    @Jeff K.: Thank you, so much, for “fuckmouth.” Strong, strong vocabulary.

  • The Imam involved with this project (the one who suggests the US is responsible for the 9/11 attacks because of it’s policy) is not advocating “peaceful” worship. He is justifying murderous acts. The drama of declaring that we are “going against everything this country is founded on” is just that, drama. We have the the right to our beliefs. If other countries don’t agree with them or like them, that’s okay, they don’t have to. It doesn’t give them the right hijack our planes and kill our citizens. If you want to stand on principle, try compassion for families who lost people in those attacks. The site they are attempting to put the mosque on is a thinly veiled attemt at a declaration of victory. There is no compassion in that, regardless of how much good they are claiming will come from the proposed center.

  • Pick your crusades wisely.

  • @puck
    Unfortunately, we here at The L are burdened by our consciences, which makes it harder for us to “pick” our crusades. (Our respect for the Constitution and the freedoms it affords also makes this difficult.)

  • @JD To be clear, my comment was directed to the creator of this ad. Someone wants to build a mosque downtown — have at it — they are within their legal rights. Frankly, a GAP on Bedford would more offend my sensibilities.

    See… for the case for the mosque. Do we really want to alienate a billion Muslims? History shows every religion has had extremists.

  • @puck
    ah, my mistake, sorry about that. this issue gets pretty deep under my skin… HENCE THE RAGE COMMENTS.