New York Post Uncovers World’s Most Sympathetic Pension Scammer

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08/18/2010 11:56 AM |


Of late the Post has been carrying water for the disingenuous conservative attack on public-sector and union pension plans (providing mid-level desk jockeys and laborers a comfortable twilight is bad how exactly?) by exposing shocking, shocking tales of pension exploitation, like the firefighter who took up a martial arts career while on disability.

Today, they’ve got a real doozy: In 1986, Dr. Irving Kroop, the NYPD’s chief cardiologist, retired, and was awarded a $64,364 annual disability pension. He was 70. But!

All the while, he’s maintained a private practice in Brooklyn and moonlighted at NYCERS, the New York City Employees Retirement System, which paid him $14,479 last year to help determine whether other city workers should get disability pensions.

A retired doctor—and, lest we forget, NYPD employee supplementing his modest-for-a-cardiologist pension with less than $15,000 a year in consulting work? How dare he? The clincher:

Kroop, who gets $155 an hour as a private contractor for city’s civilian pension board, shuffles into examining rooms with a cane and oxygen tank, sources say.


(If one was attempting to gin up populist rage, perhaps there are better pictures to paint than that of a 94-year-old doctor continuing to make the rounds, despite abundantly evident declining health. Shit, man, we should increase his pension, so he can finally fucking relax.)