Oh Good God, When Will It End? There is a Brooklyn Band Called Your Youth

08/20/2010 2:20 PM |


After coming across this post on Pop Tarts Suck Toasted yesterday, I learned that there is a band called Your Youth currently doing its thing in Brooklyn. Considering the crippling, overwhelming nostalgia that’s run rampant in the borough, and in far too much of indie rock in general for the past, say, two years, this is sort of ridiculous. To live in Brooklyn in 2010 and name your band Your Youth seems not unlike a grunge band living in Seattle in 1995 and calling itself Teen Angst and Torn Flannel or something. Thing is, Your Youth is actually pretty good.

The three-piece does peppy, hook-heavy, indie-pop that seems influenced by the pop-punk that was so popular when they were coming of age back in the 90s. Their 6-song debut EP, Aloha, hits stores on September 14th, and fans of Wavves will want to take note. But interestingly, so will anyone who hates Wavves. Your Youth packs the same melodic punch, without any of the really stupid shit: their music isn’t particularly lo-fi, they don’t seem overly pleased with their own boneheadedness (it’s not, in fact, boneheaded at all), and it’s not frustratingly repetitive.

They also happen to be playing tonight at The Cove in Williamsburg, with Derrick Beckles and Pocketknife, should you be interested in checking ’em out. First, sample a couple tracks over at PTST.