SummerScreen Band Spotlight: Grooms

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08/04/2010 1:34 PM |

Our dear friends over at Free Williamsburg always provide us with very excellent musical numbers before each SummerScreen movie viewing, but this week they really went above and beyond by bringing us the hunks of Grooms, a band that really should have a fold-out poster in Tiger Beat that we can put up in the office and kiss on our way to our desks. What Nick Carter, Christina Auguilera and JC Chasez did for dirty pop, these guys are doing for dark, brooding indie music. Hot, right? Come see them perform tonight after our other crushes Food Stamps and before the sweet, 90s era insect torture porn that will be our free screening of Starship Troopers. Get there at 6 (there, being the McCarren Park ballfields on N 12th and Bedford) and enjoy some Sixpoint beer, hot dogs from Asia Dog, tacos from San Loco, and pork sammys from Porchetta . And to entertain you while you get your sparkly pink notebook ready to be autographed, watch this video of Grooms performing their song “Dreamsucker.”