Our Favorite Up-and-Coming NYC Photographers

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08/03/2010 12:00 PM |

IO Tillett Wright

I think I took this photo out of shock. A snap reaction to my brain synapses exploding at the sight of something so extraordinary. I was at a club in Williamsburg called Sugarland, at a party where all the go-go dancers were of indistinguishable gender, and were largely hairy. My friend and I retreated to a dark corner at the top of some steps, taken by storm, and suddenly this unicorn appeared, coming back from a smoke break. New York is nothing you can put in a box; someone that would be considered a freak show elsewhere, feels so perfect in their skin that they not only flaunt it, but also ask for money for seeing it. I squeezed off one shot, and this is the one I got.

Shot on black and white 35mm film

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  • i remember that new new york feeling. it’s still new to me. i remember jess from austin. i keep discovering an interesting mix of photographers here. some unexpected.
    nice documentation–keep it up.