The Fashionable Bystander: Leonora Russo

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08/18/2010 12:00 PM |

Leonora Russo is notorious for her daily appearance on Bedford Avenue, usually pairing a glamourous combination of Chanel sunglasses and swear words with a sassy Brooklyn accent. She also serves as an activist for the area, working for the People’s Firehouse and educating residents on ways to ensure fair rent. With this equation, its no wonder she’s loved by the Brooklyn natives and Brooklyn Industries, but we mostly just want her dazzling mumu collection.

Where did you get what your wearing?
I bought it many years ago.

Okay…what about your jewelry?
I get it all at The Stand on North 7th and Bedford!

How long have you been living in Williamsburg?
Sixty years at the same place. When I came here I plaid 125 dollars rent. Back then, you made 165 dollars a week and you had money left over. Now its really difficult. It has changed alot. These condominiums have changed the neighborhood. I prefer the small houses. I don’t like these big condiminiums.

What about the people here?
Oh I like all kinds of people.

Do you know almost everyone?
I dont know their names, but I know them. A lot of people know me, better than I know them.

You know…you are pretty famous.
I’m just an ordinary person. People know who i am because of did some things that i did: i made some movies. i just got finished making Queen of Williamsburg, story of my life. i was also in Fat Cats, and I dont know the other one. I don’t even know if they made it! [laughs]

Your photo is also in the pizza place right?
Yeah, you took that picture?

I did not take that picture. Do you walk Bedford everyday?
I’m out here everyday or whenever I can. It depends. I dont mind staying in during the winter.

So would you say you’re you the Queen of Williamsburg?
That’s what they say and I guess i have to believe them. I didn’t say it. They gave me that name.