The Internet Has Nothing New to Offer Today, So Let’s Watch This Old Ryan Adams Video

08/31/2010 2:37 PM |

The way I see it, today will be the last really terrible, boring day of summer. Tomorrow there will be new issues of all the weeklies (and, uh, biweeklies), so at the very least, there will be new shit to read. And then by the time Thursday and Friday roll around, there should probably be some fighting abut the Top 200 Tracks of the 90s thing on Pitchfork (uh, riiiight, Yellow Leadbetter is the best Pearl Jam song, but still not as good as “The Humpty Dance”). And then it’s the weekend, and then it’s Labor Day, and then after that, everything is brand new and awesome. In the meantime, though, for at least a few more hours, things remain terrible and boring. So now I’m going to watch this video from 2004 of Ryan Adams on Letterman doing the “So Alive” from the very underrated Demolition album.