Tuberculosis Diagnosed in Brooklyn MTA Workers. Seriously.

08/20/2010 12:09 PM |


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Hey, can you imagine if all the old, scary diseases came back? It sort of makes sense, as the planet’s population approaches about 300 percent capacity… TIME FOR A KILL OFF! Maybe it all starts in Brooklyn: an MTA employee was diagnosed over the weekend with full-scale tuberculosis, and it remains probable that a few more of her colleagues have been infected (the article won’t specify the location, likely for fear of creating a panic). Next up, an outbreak of leprosy in Murray Hill, scarlet fever in DUMBO (run!), and a little catarrh in Bushwick.

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  • St. Vitus Dance disease in W’Burg…

  • The Vapors in Bay Ridge.

  • Actually, tuberculosis is a lot more common than you think and is not an old scary disease that has been eliminated. A third of the world’s population is infected with TB, so it should be no surprise that some people will break down with active disease in NYC. The Post just likes to sensationalize stories, and it is too bad L magazine decides to do the same.