Universal Symbol of Douchebaggery Coming to Williamsburg: The Boutique Hotel

08/25/2010 3:38 PM |

screaming jay

  • “You wanna a capi-what?”

Ok, I get it, condo-shiny Williamsburg has been “over” for a decade, and has long since devolved into a high-rent playground for BoBos and FratBos the world over…

However, HOWEVER, there’s just something about a fancy boutique hotel (and a fancy boutique hotel bar) that represents the last frontier of mindless douchebaggery, the kind of superficial, stage-managed exclusivity that appeals to the worst kind of vanity in the worst kinds of people. Following the script to a T, the aforementioned fancy boutique hotel in Williamsburg (set for North 11th Street) will feature a restaurant called “Streets” which promises “gourmet sandwiches inspired by street fair [sic] from around the world.” Ha. Yup. And on that menu?

Pablo Escobar Pork: coca cola-glazed tenderloin, dragonfruit-guarana salsa [and a dash of knowing irony].