Wale’s Second Seinfeld-Themed Mixtape, More About Nothing, Somehow Better Than the First

08/04/2010 2:57 PM |

Wale More About Nothing Mixtape

What is it with these New School rappers making better mixtapes than albums? More so than Drake, Kid Cudi and, arguably, B.o.B, Wale’s first Seinfeld-themed mixtape, The Mixtape About Nothing, was much, much better than his major label debut, and the brand new sequel, More About Nothing (download here), is better still. There are a few more slow, introspective, spoken-word-ish songs, at which the D.C. MC has gotten better, a really outstanding go-go-ified Lenny Kravitz sample on “The Flight,” and an even better Sam Sparro sample on the tape’s best track, “The Black N Gold,” contextualized with plentiful Seinfeld snippets throughout. Listen to “The Black N Gold”: