Watch Mates of State Cover the Replacements, Then Immediately Wish You Hadn’t

08/04/2010 1:55 PM |

You know what’s weird about the fact that Mates of State just released a covers album? They appear to be sort of terrible at doing covers. First we heard them mangle the shit out “Laura” by Girls, and now we get this clip of them doing the same thing to “I Will Dare” by the Replacements for A.V. Undercover. You probably won’t be able to make it all the way through, and that’s why we’re friends.

2 Comment

  • You have insulted my favorite band! I am very angry…

    Seriously, this wasn’t that bad, maybe your intro set my expectations low. Something about Kori Gardner’s plaintive vocal (@ 2:24 mark and so on…, the way she slows down the tempo in a most excellent way), which you must admit is much better than the Westerberg original. She truly makes this song her own. Much the same way Vedder does with “Crazy Mary”…

  • You lost me at “much better than the Westerberg original.” The slowed down part is what really ruins it for me. I never like when people try to add dramatic elements to Replacements songs. They’re there, we all know they’re there… using tempo changes to call attention to them seems unnecessary and actually counterproductive to me.