Water Taxi Finally Coming to North Brooklyn…in 2011

08/17/2010 4:09 PM |

North Brooklyn Water Taxi

One of the major obstacles to sustainable waterfront development in South Williamsburg and Greenpoint has been the lack of convenient public transportation, but all those incoming condo buyers will get to take the ferry next year. The Post reports that after a one-year delay, and with $4.4 million in federal transportation funding, a new East River water taxi service will start stopping along the shores of North Brooklyn in the spring of 2011. The city, which is throwing another $1.1 million into the project, is looking to extend the new East River route to Harlem, Astoria, LaGuardia (!), Roosevelt and Coney Islands. The most amazing thing about this story is that it’s taken this long to get a project that should already exist off the ground. The Domino condos will probably need their own stop.