“Weigh yourself naked every morning at the same time. Your weight will fluctuate by about five pounds depending on when you last pooped.”

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08/31/2010 4:27 PM |

Dont be fat. Everybody hates fat people.

  • Don’t be fat. Everybody hates fat people.

Mike is right in that nothing, really nothing, is happening today. So, just in time for Labor Day, let’s look at these 10 Helpful Tips for a Skinny Happy Fulfilled Existence, from Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema.

Mostly, the tips seem to be tricks for waging psychological warfare against your natural desire to eat all the great food that surrounds you at all times because it’s your job to eat it. Like: the same amount of food on a smaller plate will make you think you’ve eaten a bigger meal; keep the really good stuff out of easy reach; etc. There’s much wisdom here, if you’re the kind of person who’s always looking for new ways to dress up your painful, hateful discipline.