Williamsburg Artist Defies Art-Hating Landlord

08/20/2010 3:44 PM |

Populism, yea yea!

  • Populism, yea yea!

Last month, we reported that one of the strange, tar-like artworks pervasive in North Brooklyn, this one on the sidewalk of N. 11th Street, had been callously destroyed when a landlord tore up the concrete.

But our source at the Brooklyn Brewery—also on N. 11th Street—reports that last weekend, the piece reappeared. Or, at least, a similar one. “I guess the artist read your article,” this source wrote in an-email, which included the photograph of the reminiscent piece at right.

We hope so, because we would be proud to have played a small role in bringing more public art to the streets of Williamsburg, philistine landlords be damned. (Hey artist, if you’re reading this, email us.)

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