23-Year-Old Cyclist Killed on Atlantic Avenue

09/13/2010 10:51 AM |

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Sound tragically familiar? At around 8:30pm Saturday evening Brooklyn resident Jasmine Herron, 23, a Colorado native, was cycling along Atlantic Avenue near Washington Avenue when 24-year-old Staten Islander Krystal Francis opened the door of her parked car, clipping Herron and sending her into the path of a city bus, which hit her and rolled over her. Herron was pronounced dead at the scene, and Francis has been charged with operating a vehicle without a license. Now can we get some Atlantic Avenue bike lanes? Please!? (NY Daily News, Post)

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  • I’m not sure if bike lanes will solve the problem, though, since bike lanes are often still in the “door zone” of parked cars. Certainly we need more bike infrastructure, but we also need drivers to be more responsible and aware and to have better education regarding cyclists on the road.

  • Someone on the Daily News comments section made a good point about bike lanes. I was in Warsaw and on some streets they had bike lanes set aside on the sidewalks, instead of in the street. I think that might make more sense and be safer in some instances. At least worth thinking about, right?

    Also I don’t know if it was a factor in this death, but maybe we should think about enforcing bus speed limits more, or reducing them? I take the Grand Street(in Brooklyn) and Grand Ave busses at night pretty often and those busses just floor it, whizzing by the bikers in their lanes. They must take those things up to 40 or 50 MPH easily. There’s no reason for that except stupid reasons like making up time.

  • @gjk: Buses are definitely scary to ride alongside of, although among the city’s professional drivers

  • If the bus was going at a fast speed passengers on the bus would have been injured don’t you think?! There were no injuries reported from passengers on the bus. If you live in NY would would have known the woman that was killed was hit by the motorists door and swept underneath the bus. The bus driver may have not had any knowledge of the cyclist being swept under the bus. There’s very little that could have been done. Buses do no operate like cars…. It takes more power to have a bus come to a full stop when there is an incident occurring. If the bus stopped short, more lives would have been lost including the drivers life.