A High School I Wouldn’t Have Hated: New York Harbor School!

09/09/2010 12:27 PM |

the life aquatic

What the hell, man. Apparently there’s a high school in this city called the Harbor School, where students get to learn about sailing, aquaculture, “grow oysters and scuba dive.” Seriously. The Harbor School (a public school btw), is now on Governors Island, having moved this year from its unfortunately landlocked Bushwick location on Irving Street. The school has an enrollment of 400 students and, AND, features the one-and-only Fabien Cousteau on its board of directors—that’s right, the grandson of Steve Zissou.

I never, ever would’ve skipped school if I’d been doing stuff like this:

One of the major elements of the curriculum calls for all students to plant beds oysters under a floating dock—a crucial act towards eventually cleaning up the city’s harbor.

Seriously, awesomeness. (Also, I strongly urge you to reconsider The Life Aquatic, if you had doubts about it the first time around—it really gets better with age. It is very sad and very true.)