Arthur Penn, 1922-2010

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09/29/2010 12:22 PM |

Arthur Penn, the New York stage and live TV director whose transition to film, in the 1960s, permanently changed the American cinema, died last night; he was 88.

We had an opportunity to discuss the impact of Bonnie and Clyde earlier this year, upon the death of the film’s editor, Dede Allen, as always, the Notebook‘s your place for what everybody has to say about the man and his work. Let’s remember, though, that Penn directed a number of movies that weren’t Bonnie and Clyde; many of them suffered from studio interference (odd, for a guy whose movie birthed the American New Wave auteur movement), but at least one, Night Moves, is an authentic masterpiece, a neo-noir on par with its contemporaries The Long Goodbye and Chinatown, two products of the politically skeptical, film-historically savvy movement that Bonnie and Clyde more or less started