Buy Brooklyn Record Store Sound Fix for $250,000

09/20/2010 4:29 PM |


Frick. This can’t be good, right? The doggedly indie Williamsburg record store Sound Fix is currently on sale via Craigslist for $250,000. In an e-mail exchange with the Village Voice, owner James Bradley, who moonlights as a copy editor for People, explains:

I’m just testing the waters. I’m working two jobs these days, and it’s a bit much. That’s all. … Ideally I would stay with Sound Fix as either a limited partner or some kind of employee, but solely running the place has been a great hardship as of late.

A great hardship, you mean on account of ailing record sales and the closing of what seems like every token New York City music retailer, from Fat Beats to Tower Records to Virgin Megastore? Yeah, that would make sense. If I were independently wealthy, I’d buy it, hang posters of Spencer Krug on the walls, and stock the shelves with Darlings records. Actually, I would keep it exactly as it is because it’s pretty great. Here’s hoping somebody steps up to the plate.