City Seriously Studying Feasibility of Red Hook Streetcars

09/10/2010 10:07 AM |

Brooklyn Bridge Streetcar Trolley

It’s been a whole year since the city supposedly started a feasibility study for a Brooklyn waterfront streetcar network to get folks from all those districts cut off from the city by the BQE into Downtown Brooklyn more quickly, but the Wall Street Journal‘s Metropolis blog reports that the city has only just now contracted private transportation consultants at URS—”The #2 Design Firm and in the Top 3 for More Than a Decade” as their website proudly announces—to begin the five-month study.

The news, taken as a sign that the city is really serious about the streetcar solution to its transit system’s blind spots, comes just after lifelong streetcar advocate Bob Diamond (founder of the Brooklyn Historical Railway Association) announced he was leaving the borough. The promising news was enough to make him cancel his plans; he told Metropolis, “Too many people wanted me to stay.’’ Of course, streetcar studies don’t necessarily mean trolleys and tracks will follow, so Red Hook residents should star queuing quite yet. (Curbed)