Fall Album Preview

09/01/2010 4:01 AM |


Sharon Van Etten
Epic may be somewhat of a misleading title as Ms. Van Etten established herself as Brooklyn’s latest expert in sparse, understated folk with her debut album Because I Was in Love last year. Through songs that stung with heart-wrenching honesty, the smoky voiced singer-songwriter laid down an unwavering foundation upon her next project to build. (10/5 via Ba Da Bing)

Marnie Stern
Marnie Stern
No longer having to prove herself as an exceptionally skilled guitarist—her last album took care of that—Stern has said a “louder, fuller” sound is the goal here. Teaming up with bassist Matthew Flegal of Women and animal drummer Zach Hill of Hella and Wavves fame, lead single “For Ash” sounds like Fang Island. Written after finding out her ex-boyfriend “Ash” had committed suicide, there is fits of tribal drumming and a failing, reach-for-the-stars energy. (10/5 via Kill Rock Stars)

The Beets
Stay Home
Though the local garage-rock trio has introduced a female drummer into the band, you probably shouldn’t expect them to sound any more refined on Stay Home. Though little info has surfaced about the album, we imagine it aligning with the sloppy, gritty, Jets vs. Sharks pop of their debut, and being all the better for it. (10/12 via Captured Tracks)

Antony & the Johnsons
This should give Belle & Sebastian a run for their money in best twee pop album released on October 12. Ha! Just kidding. What you can expect from Swanlights is more theatrical, baroque balladry that will find Antony in his regular spot come December: among the upper echelon of critics’ “best of” lists, especially considering there’s a reported duet with Bjork. (10/12 via Secretly Canadian)

Avey Tare
Down There
AnCo’s other frontman, the yelper, gives the solo thing a go with Down There, the debut album under his own name (or pseudonym, as the case may be). In an interview with Pitchfork, there’s lots of talk about how he channels certain influences—”a haunted swamp,” images of hell, and films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre—through watery electronics and self-recorded samples. Sounds as weird and wonderful and scary (the Halloween release date is intentional) as anything from Animal Collective’s early catalog. (10/26 via Paw Tracks)

Small Black
New Chain
Small Black first made waves last fall with “Despicable Dogs,” a sad, romantic track that made for the perfect transition from summer to fall. It was close to being chillwave but saved itself with having too much hold on a defined melody. Now the local trio has gotten themselves a record deal, and if the single “Photojournalist” is any evidence, a few more swirling, danceable, near-chillwave songs to go along with it. (10/26 via Jagjaguwar)

Bob Dylan
The Bootleg Series Vol. 9: The Witmark Demos
It’s hard to believe we’re now nine installments deep in this unbelievably solid, dense and rewarding series, and its hard to believe it could possibly get any better, but with The Witmark Demos arriving on store shelves later this fall, it should do just that. The 2-disc, 47-track collection features demos of well known early singles as well as a bunch of previously unreleased songs recorded between 1962 and 1964. You’ll get to hear a very young Dylan at his best—acoustic guitar, harmonica and very little else, trying to figure out what he’s going to become. You know how it turns out, now see how it happened. (10/19 via Columbia)