Good News: Big Pay Day for People’s Firehouse in Williamsburg

09/14/2010 11:24 AM |

Engine 212, Peoples Firehouse

Sundry local politicians yesterday committed over a million bucks to the Northside Town Hall project in Williamsburg, a would-be community arts center to be located in the old Engine 212 firehouse on Wythe Avenue, two blocks from the river. Borough Prez Marty Markowitz went in for $742,000, Assemblyman Crazy Joe Lentol for $150,000 and Councilman lil’ Steve Levin pledged $350,000. Most of this chunk of cash (just about half of the N.T.H.’s fundraising goal) will be used for basic renovations (a new boiler, electrical and plumbing work, etc.), as the building will eventually become the full-time home of the Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, along with free space for community groups to use—truly, the People’s Firehouse.

Sniff, Williamsburg really is all grown up… (And by grown up I mean that politicians can’t get enough of the hood now, unlike, say, a decade ago.)