Hello, My Name is Hurricane Earl (A Worst Case Scenario)

09/01/2010 2:11 PM |

hurricane new york

  • See you on Friday!

Wow, two posts in one day on the weather (I really am getting old and boring). However, this post is about the Wall Street Journal‘s worst case scenario for the approaching Hurricane Earl. Apparently, if Earl takes a westward turn, we could actually be in for some real shit this Friday. Per the Journal:

Friday morning: Tropical storm-force winds begin to affect the southern Jersey shore.

Friday afternoon: Conditions rapidly deteriorate in South Jersey while heavy winds and rain enter the New York metro area. (Those who hold tickets to Friday’s U.S. Open matches, consider yourself warned.)

Friday night: Residents will see the worst of the conditions as Hurricane Earl makes its closest approach. That means gusts up to 80mph on the Jersey Shore and Eastern Long Island, with gusts to 100mph at Montauk Point. The city could see gusts to up 40mph, higher in the top floors of Midtown skyscrapers.