Ladders, Farmers And AP Style

09/14/2010 5:20 PM |


Up there with @conanobrien for consistently knee-slapping tweets lies @fakeapstylebook—at least for J-School nerd-grads like me, once subjected to quizzes on when “street” becomes capitalized or abbreviated. (Oh God, I’m not sure anymore!! Fuck, uh, oh God, don’t tell Jonny!) Anyway, the dozen folks behind The Fake AP Stylebook take the language of the real thing’s (maddeningly arbitrary!!) codes of proper usage and use it for media-mocking hilarity, such as in toay’s hilarious example, screenshotted above. (“Screenshotted” definitely unacceptable as a verb.) Also from earlier today: “If you can’t find the source of a quote, attribute it to Kurt Vonnegut, Einstein, Dorothy Parker, or H. L. Mencken and move on.” Well, ha ha ha, and so on. (Where is everybody today for blogging? 68 Jay? I’ll be right there? A zorse? Seriously?)