Murakami Balloons Joining New York’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

09/02/2010 2:23 PM |

Kaikai and Kiki

While he’s busy pissing off France’s cultural conservatives with his upcoming Versailles show, Takashi Murakami has planned to do another thing Jeff Koons did a couple years earlier: Have his work float in New York City’s Thanksgiving’s Day Parade.

ArtsBeat reports that two of the J-Pop star’s trademark characters, Kaikai and Kiki (above right and left, respectively), in under-construction 40-feet-long, three stories-tall forms, will be in the November 25 parade. Murakami will be the fourth contemporary artist to have his work in the parade, Tom Otterness (2005), Koons (2006) and Keith Haring (2008) being his predecessors. I don’t know if they take requests or suggestions for such things, but obviously, Aurel Schmidt’s trash minotaur from the 2010 Biennial would make a great giant balloon. Even, why not, a Damien Hirst shark in a giant tank. Also, anything by George Condo, preferably something from his Christ series.