Poster Boy in Court Today to Appeal 11-Month Jail Sentence

09/20/2010 2:48 PM |

Poster Boy on MTA

Poster Boy, aka Bushwick resident Henry Matyjewicz, got in trouble with the NYPD back in May after missing a court date and incurring an 11-month sentence on Riker’s Island. The Brooklyn Paper reports that Matyjewicz was to appear in a Brooklyn Criminal Court today after getting caught illegally using a discounted student Metrocard—what, he’s too cool to jump the turnstile like other subway artists?

Meanwhile he’s also appealing the prison sentence, which he’d supposedly avoided following a plea bargain and 210 hours of community service, which he completed by scrubbing courtroom floors. The jail term was re-instated after he missed his court date in May, but his lawyer, civil rights attorney Ron Kuby, hired by the artists’ legal defense fund K.A.R.A.T.E., (Kids Are Rallying Against The Empire), says he was never required to attend. What may come from this new case is unclear, but presumably Matyjewicz’s recent book deal means he can afford to pay full price for an unlimited Metrocard, even when the price goes up to $500 a month.