Sesame Street Pulls Katy Perry Segment, I Guess Because They Thought It Looked Like Katy Perry Wanted to Fuck Elmo or Something?

09/23/2010 10:48 AM |

Well, I’m certainly no great fan of Katy Perry, but this one is completely beyond me. Sesame Street is pulling the above video from an episode scheduled to air this fall, because viewers are complaining that it’s too suggestive. The best I can come up with is that her top is too low-cut, and that breasts, the top half of the anyway, are disgusting and evil. I think they actually did an admirable job containing those things, even during the Baywatch-y running toward the camera part. Whatever. This is one less time you (I) will have to figure out how to keep your (my) kid from seeing Katy Perry do anything. [ArtsBeat]

One Comment

  • I’m pretty sure they cut it because of the disturbing little sequences when Elmo runs circles around Perry’s legs and you can see his butt. It’s existentially horrifying to see a Muppet’s butt.