Stream Sufjan Stevens’ New Album, The Age of Adz

09/27/2010 9:32 AM |


So, Monday morning. It’s raining and sort of cold. Your commute was probably a little bit shittier than usual. In general, things simply are not good. (To be honest, now that I’m working from home so much, this would actually be sort of good—sitting on my couch, living room a bit darker than it usually is at this hour, listening to the whoooosh of cars driving by on the wet pavement outside, etc.—but I’m sick, so it’s awful. Everything is awful.) But hey, look at this: By visiting our friends over at NPR, you can stream the new Sufjan Stevens album, The Age of Adz, in its entirety, two weeks before it comes out, on October 12th. Surely this will help, at least a little, at least until you realize, fuck, where are all the banjos???