That $100 MetroCard All But Inevitable Now

09/14/2010 9:39 AM |


  • It’s the only way to travel.

I told you yesterday about the MTA’s proposed 7.5 percent fare hikes across the board, from single bus fares to monthly MetroCards; I also told you about a public hearing last night at Cooper Union. Well, I’m sorry if you took my advice and showed up to vent your spleen, as it would appear no amount of public outrage will prevent the MTA from raising fares in January. Here’s MTA head Jay Walder:

“We’re dealing with a financial situation that I believe is going to require a fare increase.” Yeah, that sounds pretty clear to me, no matter how many desperate old ladies take the mic.

It’s madness, really, that you have a state government (whose political center of gravity is always going to be outside of NYC, in Carlandia) controlling the public transit budget of one of the biggest, richest, greatest cities in the world. Madness. Governor Paterson has cut $149 million of the MTA’s budget over the last two years. Damn.