The Sex Pistols Continue to Subvert, Release Their Own Branded Perfume

09/01/2010 9:38 AM |


As of September 10th, you (or, not you, but assholes) will be able to purchase a Sex Pistols branded perfume, which is good news, of course, because there’s nothing you (or, not you, but assholes) need more than a Sex Pistols branded perfume.

It has been created in collaboration with the Paris-based perfume brand Etat Libre d’Orange and Live Nation, who control the band’s merchandising deals.

The band refused to comment on the fragrance, but a spokesperson for Live Nation said they had been “closely involved”.

Haha! Ha. Ha? [via Gigwise]

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  • Post is missing an “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” tag.

    A case could be made that the long, cheapening, second act of the Pistols in general, and the self-loathing and self-aware Lydon in particular, is at least as compelling an indictment of the grotesqueries of the entertainment-industrial complex as any shots the punks managed to get off at it during the very brief period when they had it in their sights.

    (This reading actually implies that they somehow avoided being cynical whores directly from the get-go, which is arguably dubious given the involvement of lifelong pimp Malcolm McLaren.)