The Sexiest Woman Alive?

09/29/2010 1:00 AM |

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Union Square
Hails from: Mexico City
I don’t know. Megan Fox? Jessica Alba? Shit, I just want a girlfriend, I don’t even care who it is. Anyone will be fine, but yeah, Jessica Alba, sure.

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Prospect Park
Hails from: Brooklyn
Halle Berry. Maybe Janet Jackson. Janet when I was younger, Halle Berry now. I grew up with Janet. Who would you pick? [Maybe Anne Hathaway? (Ed. Really?)] I could’ve predicted that. People always pick people they look like. [I don’t look like Anne Hathaway.] Yes you do. You’re white like her, you have brown hair like her. [But you don’t look anything like Halle Berry or Janet Jackson.] Yes I do. I’m fucking sexy!

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Hell’s Kitchen
Hails from: India
My wife. What did you expect, no man will say anything other than his wife. [There’s no one you think is especially beautiful, other than your wife?] Well, there’s an actress named Aishwarya Rai. She is quite beautiful, but I doubt you know her. [The Bollywood actress who used to be Miss World?] Ah, you’re a film buff, eh? Yes, she is beautiful, but my wife is my woman.

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Hails from: Bronx
You know who is a sexy woman? Michelle Obama. I know you shouldn’t talk this way about her, but she is the first First Lady who is actually good looking. I mean, Hillary? I love Hillary, but she’s not good looking. Barbara Bush? No way. But Michelle is, and that means America is beautiful.