Wait, Evan Dando Has an Anti-Establishment Attitude?

09/15/2010 9:40 AM |


Juliana Hatfield and Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando have worked together a good deal over the years. She’s played bass on some of his material, she’s contributed perfectly adorable background vocals to some of his best songs, and she’s even responsible for that awesome scream in “Alison’s Starting to Happen” when he gets to the “Alison’s getting her tits pierced” line. On September 29th and 30th, they’ll be appearing together at the Mercury Lounge. It sounds like they’ll each do solo sets, but it also seems likely they’ll share some time on stage together. Like a northeastern 90s alt-rock Sonny and Cher if you will.

There’s an interview with Hatfield over at Sound Spike, where she talks about the work they’ve done together and the perhaps unfair light in which Dando has come to be seen.

“In the past when I worked with Evan it was always in a strictly auxiliary capacity — backup singing, bass playing — but now that we will be on equal footing I think we could do a lot of damage,” Hatfield said of the pairing. “I’ve always thought that Evan was an underrated songwriter…. His good looks and anti establishment attitude have overshadowed his skills.”

I mean, I’m totally with her on the good looks thing. Dude has cheekbones like nothing you’ve ever seen, and his hair is obviously no joke. But, is Evan Dando really know for anti-establishment tendencies? I was under the impression that he was mostly just into, like, cuddling and smoking weed and listening to records. Whatever, though. Underrated regardless.

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  • I can’t believe this my-sixteen-year-old-fantasy double bill is happening on my 30th birthday, or that I already have tickets for B&S on the same date. Maybe I’ll try to go to the first night out of respect for that wide-eyed kid.

    This also makes me regret completely losing track of Juliana Hatfield and, to a lesser extent, Dando-related records… although I have to say, that reformulated Lemonheads record was pretty dull and I really wanted to like How to Walk Away more than I did. Any suggestions for aughts-era songs/albums from these kids that I should hastily catch up with?

  • Juliana Hatfield was my dream girl! I’d just stare at that album cover… Remember July 1994? http://www.nytimes.com/1994/07/22/arts/for… hatfield central park&st=nyt&pagewanted=3 I was at that show in Central Park, I remember I met some kids from CT who were like “where’s Summerstage?!”, we hung out at the show, then later I told them lets go to CB’s to see Luna, but they had to split cause they were taking the train back to CT. I remember thinking “oh man I’m too old to be going to shows anymore!” ah good memories…

  • That article was written by Neil Strauss, incredibly. I see from the listings that the night before the Summerstage show, the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Magnetic Fields, Polvo and Portastatic were playing at Tramps. Don’t tell me you went to *that* show, too.

  • yeah I know, I missed it… Just looking around if there’s any footage from that Central Park show and seems to be none. Found this one from 95 though, “Nirvana”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enObjar69tI pretty powerful stuff.