Watch Brooklyn Go Down in Flames in Sleigh Bells’ Video for “Infinity Guitars”

09/20/2010 3:22 PM |

Were cooler than you.

  • We’re cooler than you.

Everyone (meaning everyone who reads and/or writes blogs about indie-rock bands) must be in a post-Pavement stupor as there’s not a whole lot to report on from the ol’ Internet this Monday afternoon. But, hey, check this out: Noise-rock duo Sleigh Bells have a new video for their thumping single “Infinity Guitars.” Go ahead and watch it over at NME. Things destruct and Alexis Krauss could be Britney Spears’ bad-girl sister in that school uniform (it also reminds me of that one Grooms video a little bit). The duo are playing tonight at The Studio at Webster Hall; tickets are sold out, but where there’s a will, there’s a way on Craigslist.