Yeah Yeah Yeahs Play a Venue the Size of My Apartment Tonight

09/22/2010 5:03 PM |

Old school Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  • Old school Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Ten years ago this week, the YYYs played their first club show in this here city. Says Karen O, via “Our birthday wish is to play a show as small or smaller than back in the day and get NOSTALGIC with our friends Todd P and Secret Project Mighty Robot.” So, there you have it: Karen, Brian, Nick and maybe one or two of those giant inflatable eyeballs will be at the couple-hundred capacity Secret Project Robot in Williamsburg tonight, tearing through a set heavy on early material.

Tickets were only available for a two-hour span last night (meaning there won’t be any at the door), but it looks like there are a handful of nice people selling theirs on Craigslist who strangely, wonderfully don’t appear to be asking an outrageous price.