Young Al Franken (Lincoln Restler) to Be Crowned King of Williamsburg

09/23/2010 11:49 AM |

al franken

Ok, I’m sorry if I’m belaboring newly elected District Leader Lincoln Restler’s resemblance to a young Al Franken, but I’m just not a very mature person (hey, we should be so lucky if Restler ever ends up on the Senate floor making speeches like this). Anyway, after a tense, week-long post-Election Night drama, in which Restler swapped leads with his opponent, Warren Cohn, a final count was certified yesterday, giving the young Brooklynite a narrow 120-vote victory.

Why should this matter to you? Well, aside from Restler’s Bedford Avenue jus primae noctus, this race was seen as a proxy battle between the Brooklyn Democratic machine (led by the thoroughly scurrilous Vito Lopez, and represented here by Cohn) and Democratic reformers (Restler, obvs). So this is good news, people. GOOD NEWS.

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